Our firm has experience developing projects for the following clients:

  • Small and Medium Sized Residential Property Owners
  • Large Estate Owners or Managers
  • Developers, General Contractors and Architects
  • Small Wineries
  • Small Multi-Unit Properties or HOA’s
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Small Commercial Businesses



    What We Do

    • Development of Conceptual Landscape Master Plan: This includes rendered drawings with the layout and material selection of programmatic elements such as driveways, swimming pools, patios, shade & play structures, sport courts, fire and water features, decks, bars, kitchens, retaining walls, sculptures, specialty gardens, orchards, major trees and planting beds, accent and safety lighting and wayfaring. 

    • Development of Construction Plans: used to get competitive bids from qualified contractors including: Demolition Plans, Layout and Material Selection Plans, Planting Plans, Irrigation Plans, Lighting Plans, Details and Budget Analysis
    • Contractor Selection and Bid Reviews: Help clients evaluate and compare bid proposals and chose the right contractor(s).
    • Construction Oversight: Act as the liaison between the client and the contractor(s).
    • Quarterly Horticultural Consultations: We work directly with the client or with the client’s maintenance personnel to foster proper pruning techniques, fertilizer scheduling, water use and water auditing, and additional plantings.