This housing complex project was a collaboration with a developer and general contractor. The developer wanted transform a rundown student housing complex into a hip contemporary apartment complex that they could market to young professionals. We modernized the space using a contemporary color & material palette, while creating versatility in the common outdoor space.

For the master plan, we developed ways to enliven the central courtyard with amenities while creating privacy for the apartments that face it. We also designed the upgrades to the service areas, safety lighting, signage, plantings, irrigation, to create overall curb appeal. 

The design, while not fully realized, included a steel privacy and shade structure, a multi-use bar of recycled redwood, fire pits, as well as comfortable mobile seating. It also included converting the original sandbox into multiple raised vegetable beds for use as a community garden space, along with a tool shed and work table. A small play structure as well as a green waste area and community recycling center, bike racks, and bike storage were also a part of the master plan.